U.S. Global Investors, Inc. is pleased to offer online account access to our shareholders. Our online service allows you to view your account(s), purchase or redeem shares, view transaction history, and perform maintenance changes to your account. It is our goal to provide you with the most accessible and current information regarding your account.


          Current users who have registered for online access prior to August 28, 2016, must re-register. Please select the 'Register Now' link below and follow the simple steps to register your account for the online access service. If you do not know your account number or need any assistance, please call Shareholder Services at 800-873-8637. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET. Please follow these simple steps for both new and re-registration:

          • Select the Register Now link below
          • Enter your account number. To locate, the field labeled Account on the first page of your account statement contains your account number. The account number is the series of digits between the dashes. For example, 123456789 would be the account number for Account 252-123456789-9XX. If your statement consolidates multiple accounts, you may select any one of the account numbers provided on your statement.
          • Enter your Social Security Number
          • Select the Register button
          • Follow the instructions to establish your User ID, PIN, and account preferences


          老王v p n安卓版 We have added an additional security layer requiring an extra step to access your account in certain situations. To successfully login when the additional step is requested, please follow the instructions below:

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          2. When the Sign In Challenge page is displayed, the system will send you an e-mail with a One Time Password (OTP). While waiting to receive the e-mail, you must leave the Sign In Challenge page open. If you close it, you will have to start the login process again and wait to receive another e-mail. If you end up receiving multiple e-mails, use only the latest one.

          3. As soon as you receive the e-mail, enter the 6 character code provided in the e-mail into the One-time password (OTP) field on the Sign In Challenge page. The e-mailed One-time password (OTP) is case sensitive, so please make sure to enter the value exactly as it is provided in the e-mail. If it is easier, you may copy the value from the e-mail and paste it into the field.

          4. Once you enter the OTP from the e-mail into the One-time password (OTP) field on the Sign In Challenge page, select the Register this Computer checkbox. This will register your computer and will allow you to skip this step the next time you log in from this same computer.

          5. After entering the information on the Sign In Challenge page, select the Submit button to proceed.

          6. When the Login page is displayed again, enter the PIN that you have always used to access your account and select the Login button.

          7. Provided that all your information is entered accurately, you will now be able to access your account.

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          Where do I enter my PIN?

          Not a registered user? Register Now
          Trouble signing in? Request your PIN by e-mail
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